Saturday, April 26, 2014

Caturday #28 - Sponsor A Kitty!

Today's a bit of an unusual Caturday. Unfortunately, I believe that TWO may need to go to the vet. A few weeks ago, his shoulder was injured somehow, and though it seemed to be healing up just fine, after a while something seemed not quite right, to me. The injury seems to not have healed properly and has likely turned into an abscess which will need to be drained, cleaned, and antibiotics will likely be prescribed. I'm not entirely sure if follow-up visits will be necessary to make sure that the abscess is healing properly. Because TWO is technically feral, I am going to have to trap him using our humane animal trap, which will unfortunately be rather traumatizing for both of us. He will also likely have to be anesthetized in order to properly examined and treated. I love both of "my" kitties, but TWO is definitely my favorite (don't tell Catter!!). He's super loving and sweet and gets the happiest, silliest expression on his face when I give him endless head rubs. I love him to the moon and back!

Unfortunately, my finances have been particularly tight, as of late, so a vet bill will be a massive blow. Ordinarily I'd never ask for donations -- I'm always conscious of the fact that people may be struggling themselves -- but because I love my kitties and they occasionally need vet care, I thought I'd create a PayPal account for them so that people are able to donate money if they'd like, to help support and care for these lovely sweeties.

There is a chance that he may not need to go to the vet; I checked his shoulder this morning and it seems less puffy, as though there is less fluid inside, and the scabs seem to be starting to flake off. I am going to keep an eye on it for the next two days to observe whether or not it seems to be improving. If it seems to heal on its own within the next couple of days, any money donated will be saved up for a future vet visit, and/or used to help purchase things the kitties need.

I've compiled a quick (and likely incomplete) list of the cat-related expenses, and a kitty wishlist of things that would help make their lives better, to give an idea of what the money would be going toward:

Frequent expenses:
- Wet cat food: I like to mix wet food with dry food because wet food has a higher protein content, which is really what cats need. In addition, if I need to give the cats any medicine -- like when Catter ate some rat poison a while back and needed prescription Vitamin K supplements to prevent any hemorrhaging -- I mix it with wet food.
- Dry cat food: To give the cats some texture variety, and to help stretch out the more expensive wet food.

Infrequent but regular expenses:
- Flea collars: every 3-6 months-ish, depending on how often they're able to slip them off.

Sporadic expenses:
- Vet visits: Catter's vet bill during the Rat Poison Incident was in the range of $400-$500, and I anticipate that TWO's vet bill will be fairly similar this time because he'll also likely need to be anesthetized for the abscess to be examined and cleaned.

Kitty Wishlist:
- Vaccines
- Neutering: I can't recall an exact quote, but I believe when I inquired last time, the vet said something somewhere the $100-$175 range (per cat) to have this done. I may be able to find a more affordable place, however, or a non-profit.
- Hard plastic cat carrier: This will allow me to catch them in something OTHER than the animal trap; I always worry that they'll injure their feet when they start freaking out and attempting to dig through the cage floor. Having two carriers would be even better because it would allow me to catch them both and take them in at the same time, rather than in multiple trips. (And carriers would benefit me a little bit, honestly, by being less of a stare magnet in the vet waiting room than a harsh-looking trap!) Haha.
- Cat grooming glove to help them get rid of excess shedded fur and help prevent hairballs.
- Unscented pet cleansing wipes to keep them a little bit cleaner. The damn cats like to roll in the dust! TWO in particular is always filthy; I don't think he's as meticulous of a groomer as Catter is, AND it's more visible because of his white fur!

I have started a kitty wishlist on Amazon, for anyone who would like to assist with the purchase of items rather than donating money.

So, in short, if you would like to sponsor the care of two truly lovely feral cats, any assistance you would be willing to provide, from $5 to $500, would be deeply appreciated and would go directly to the care and wellbeing of the cats. Many heartfelt thanks in advance. I will brainstorm and try to come up with some sort of thing I can do in return for donations, to express my (and the kitties') gratitude! I'm open to suggestions!

Happy Caturday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quick Update

Just a quick little collage of some recent Instagram photos; from the bottom right, clockwise:

1) Some flowers at one of the rental properties.
2) Catter looking picturesque on the back stairs.
3) Windy day in LA! I had been out getting my car smog-checked and across the street the flags were flying like crazy.
4) WIP shot of a prototype moth, using a technique I'd never tried before.
5) Lunar eclipse! This was the first eclipse of any sort that I've seen, so it was pretty exciting.
6) The completed prototype moth! Really happy with how it turned out, aside from some finishing details which can't be seen in the photo. I'm starting a secondary prototype of a larger moth for my sister, and I hope to be able to finish it more neatly than the rosy maple moth version.
7) The ever-sweet, lovely little TWO: He was super content and happy, that day. Dirty as hell, as always, but still a happy kitty. I just given him a tasty dinner and coaxed him into a flea collar, which meant he'd gotten lots of petting and love, and he soaked it all up like a purr-y sponge. You can see an injury on his shoulder; James and I think it was from crawling through something which had a sharp edge, because he'd re-injured the same shoulder in roughly the same area at least three times before it started properly healing. I got pretty freaked out, the final time, when he came to our back door literally dripping blood -- it clotted about 45 seconds after he arrived, but yikes!! I was freaking out about how I'd be able to catch him to take him to get stitches without panicking him and potentially causing further injury, but luckily that didn't end up being necessary. Poor guy. We think he seems to have wisened up to avoiding whatever it is that injured him, though, because he's healing nicely and hasn't been reinjured since. *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping he stays un-injured!
8) Needle felted Lactarius indigo brooch! Will be in the shop very shortly. =)

Well, that's a bit of what's been going on!

I'm considering setting aside the next three months or so as a "semi-hiatus" of sorts; I feel like I've got a lot of ideas for new products that need to be refined and finalized, etc. The shop will still be open for the duration, but I likely won't list many new items or re-list expired items until the "semi-hiatus" is over. I just need to sit myself down and learn to truly focus on production methods/times, etc. Refine and streamline, etc. And experiment! I've got new things I want to try!

So that's where Instagram comes in pretty handy; I can share all kinds of WIP and finished-item photos of my experiments. I'd love to hear feedback from people about what things they like and what things maybe they're not so hot on, etc!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Caturday #26

I find it amusing how if you look back on the previous Caturday pictures, you can kinda see how our yard is slowly turning into nothing but a field of dirt. Great for the cats, I guess, since they love rolling in it so much. =P

Happy Caturday!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Macro Monday #12 - NC Visit 2014 Edition

There were a lot of really nice little woodland details and vignettes to capture during my visit, and I was even lucky enough to be able to get a ton of great water droplet close ups! The weather was absolutely not the best (March in NC is always very unpredictable; warm and lovely one day, and the next icy and cold) but it made for far more interesting macros, if you ask me. The moisture made all the colors really pop!

I'm considering having some of my photographs printed for sale, one of these days. Do you think that's a good idea? =)

I also have a couple of non-macro photos from my trip that I'd like to share, so maybe I'll post those tomorrow.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back from NC!

I'm home! Above are a few of the Instagram images I shared while I was in NC; tomorrow I'll share some of the actual macros I took with my Real Camera. It'll be the first Macro Monday in quite a while! I didn't take a whole lot of non-macro photos, really... somehow there's just something about macros that really appeals to me. The world in micro detail. =)

I had a great visit with my mom; it was really refreshing to be able to hang out with her and to tromp around in the woods and just be surrounded by my "natural setting" in general (forest, moss, plants, fields; nature in general). She taught me the basics of driving a stick shift vehicle! And I feel like I was starting to the get hang of it by the time I left; the hardest part for me is going from a standstill to moving without lurching forward and/or stalling out. Hopefully in the future I'll continue to practice so that when I visit again I'll be able to borrow her truck and drive myself around. Haha. Anyhow! I ended up being far more busy than I had planned (not a bad thing at aaaalll) so I was only able to complete two new moths: a second luna moth (see the prototype here!) and a rosy maple moth. To save on luggage space, I shipped them back to myself via USPS along with all the work supplies I had over there, so they should arrive tomorrow or the next day, which means photos of the finished items and Etsy listings will be available later in the week! Yay!